About Study Aalborg

Study Aalborg is YOUR entrance to the Educational City of Aalborg!

Study Aalborg is the Municipality of Aalborgs information hub, where we gather info that is relevant for students in Aalborg – both for those who consider studying in Aalborg as well as those who are currently studying in Aalborg.

The purpose of this site is to distribute relevant information about Aalborg as an educational city - thereby creating the best possible conditions to ensure that you, as a student, will have a pleasant time as a student in Aalborg. Read more about the proces in our educational strategy 2019-2022.

Study Aalborg is also your direct line to the Municipality of Aalborg and is therefore a place, where you can help shape and develop Aalborg as an educational city!  

We participate and arrange a number of free activities for you as a user of the city.

  • Welcome reception and introduction day: We can be found at stands at both UCN and AAU in connection with the start of studies of international students.
  • Sports- & Culture fair: At the fair you can meet various sports clubs and cultural associations. If you are interested in basketball, or becoming a volunteer, then join the fair and have a look around.
  • Culture Crawl: Hiking around in the city on locations that invite inside. Here you can meet the parts of the city that you may not normally encounter.
  • Stand and demonstration of study housing: In connection with Åbent Hus Aalborg you can meet us at our stand, as well as come out and see an apartment for students.


Feel free to write us!

To develop Aalborg as an educational city as well as making sure that this website has the information students are seeking, we would very much like to hear your inputs and suggestions.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments about the content of this website, feel free to write us!

If you have a good idea as to how the Municipality of Aalborg can help make student life easier, feel free to write us!

If you have a good story about your time as a student here in Aalborg or how you experience student life in Aalborg, feel free to write us!

We would very much like to hear from you and will gladly share your stories on this website. We also strive to answer general questions about student life in Aalborg to the best of our abilities.

Send us an e-mail at studyaalborg@aalborg.dk or visit our Study Aalborg Facebook page.

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