Welcome to new students 2020

We from StudyAalborg will like to welcome you in the studylife of the city and hope that you’ll enjoy your stay in the area.

When moving to a new city and starting an education, there’s always a lot of new impressions to manage. It can therefore be hard to navigate through the all information that you receive during the first couple of weeks. Knowing this, the Municipality of Aalborg has launched studyaalborg.com, which is a web-page made with the purpose of giving the students in the city an overview of the different types of study- and spare time-activities that Aalborg has to offer. On studyaalborg.com, you can for instance find information about events, cultural offers, sports clubs, student jobs and volunteer jobs.


StudyAalborg can also be found on Study Aalborg Facebook, where you can keep yourself updated about different events around the city, so that you don’t have to search in vain for information on the internet.

Maybe you've heard of Study Bubbles? As something new this year, we're introducing Bobleberg.dk. Here, as an Aalborger, you can orient yourself in events that are relevant to you. You can also create bubbles/posts yourself in search of new acquaintances in the city. For example, it could be a knitting partner or someone to go to a new sport with.

And now that we're at sports, we're going to strike a blow for a new initiative that we call StudyAalborg Try Out. Here we give you the opportunity, free and non-binding, to shop around between a selection of Aalborg's fantastic association life. Among other things, we have water skiing, fencing, yoga, football in the program. Follow the link for more information.

Study Aalborg Try Out - Study Aalborg

We wish to have a close dialogue with all of you students. So if you have any tips about new events/activities/whatever that you think we should post on the website, please let us know!

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