Aalborg - One of Denmark's best cities for students

Aalborg is Denmark's 3rd best city for students in 2020 compared to 20 other cities. Studentum.dk has conducted a study, which shows that Aalborg ranks high at city life, reputation and student jobs.



Aalborg has manifested itself in the media with its good reputation. You will find a lot of positive stories about the wild development the city has undergone in the last 10-15 years, when industry has changed into a modern blend of culture. We want to create the framework for a city in development where young people's creativity, desire for knowledge, innovation and curiosity in life are supported.


Aalborg is called the Paris of the North and the city offers vibrant city life, where you can be part of a large social network and community. The students gather at the same cafes and bars around the city and in time you will begin to recognize those people around you from the international known Jomfru Ane Gade (A popular party Street), or because you had a spinning class together in one of the city's many centers and sport clubs. In the summer months, there is a special atmosphere in the city, which is full of concerts and life. Here, Aalborg Carnival(Carnival with 85.000 participants), Metropolfestival(Danish website), Grøn Concert (Danish website), Sustianabilityfestival, Fredagsfester i Karolinelund(Concerts in a park - Danish website) og Skovrock i Skovdalen(Concerts in the forest - Danish website)  are examples of events were students usually attend. Many of these events have been rethought in the summer of 2020 as a result of the assembly ban throughout Denmark.


Aalborg offer more than just fun and a community. The city offers opportunities to gain work experience during your education, where there is a large selection of jobs for students. In addition, several of the city's educational institutions work in close collaboration with the business community, which calls for collaborative projects and internships. In the municipality, we are working to create even more attractive partnerships between students and companies – also for the international students. Not only does it benefit your financial situation during your studies, but it also makes you ready for the job market once you graduate, so you can pursue your career dreams here in Aalborg.


A great deal of work has been put into developing Aalborg for the students, which is why, student housing has been built throughout the city center every year. Therefore, you do not need to fear standing without a place to live for the start of your studies.


Aalborg stands out by having much cheaper housing costs than other big Danish cities. For around 5300 DKK, you can live in a 61.3 km2 apartment in Aalborg, where in Copenhagen you can only get a 34.2 km2 apartment for the same cost. You can read more about housing and housing prices at ”Where are you going to live in Denmark”.



Studentum.dk had conducted the study, which is based on data from 20 Danish cities and ranks the cities based on criteria about; career opportunities, security, student jobs, sports & leisure, professionalism, housing, city reputation and city life. You can read more (only in Danish) about the study at www.Studentum.dk.





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