All Up On The Bicycle may 2021

On Monday 3 May, Aalborg Municipality kicks off this year's All Up On The Bicycle campaign.

All Up On The Bicycle runs throughout the month of May, and in this connection we put all four weeks extra focus on making Aalborg greener by taking the bike instead of the car.

Keep an eye on Aalborg Municipality's social media, where various cycling activities you can participate in completely free of charge will be presented on an ongoing basis. For example, every year the Cyclists' Association arranges guided bicycle tours with different themes, where you get around and outside the city and see everything from historical monuments to idyllic nature, all by bike and in the company of other cycling-loving people from Aalborg.

There are so many benefits to cycling and we hope to be able to inspire more and more people to make a healthier, greener and overall better choice, not just in the month of May, but in general.

Do you also want to help support our mission to make Aalborg both greener and healthier?

So pump the bike and get going!

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