Inside Colour by Bodil Nielsen

Experience a free exhibition that takes you into the world of colors

Duration: 1 aug - 17 oct 2020. Free entrance.

What kind of exhibition is it?

"With the exhibition Inside Color, Bodil Nielsen presents artistic research in the painting's interfaces. With a playful grasp, the exhibition will unfold the painting as media and show works on canvas, colored rugs on the floor and textiles hung from ceilings in color-saturated rooms, which will activate Kunsthal NORD's crisp architecture.

Bodil Nielsen's works draw threads to post-minimalism and the color field tradition in the visual arts and across the disciplines of industrial design and architecture. She manages to do so without losing the imagination of art. Her works have the quality that they give a space and give way - not taking what makes Bodil Nielsen's art a generous and democratic experience".


Read more on Kunsthal NORD or Facebook: Fernisering af Inside Colour


inside colour photo

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