Merry Christmas

In central Aalborg, the darkness is lighted up by beautiful Christmas decorations hanging over the roads.

In 2020, Nytorv will be cleaned up of building rubble, so that Christmas shopping can be a little more fun. Three transition paths will be laid out, which will be decorated with Christmas trees and candles. At the wide transition (at Salling) there will be an almond cart, whose scents will make a hungry stomach growl.


In Aalborg Zoo, they have gone all in on the Christmas mood. Here, the entire garden has been adorned with poetic light landscapes, exotic light animals, colorful African Christmas atmosphere, an adventurous tropical land and an underground Christmas shop. Mette Blomsterberg enters the zoofaris scene on 26 November and 3, 10 and 17 December. You will be able to hear Greenlandic choir singing on 21 December at 18. You must buy the tickets for Christmas in the zoo in advance and you can do so at


This year's Christmas market on Gammeltorv has unfortunately been canceled, just as no ice rink will be set up on C. W. Obel's square this year. The cancellation is due to the increased infection pressure in Aalborg Municipality in 2020.


 Christmas market


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