Sports- & Culture Club Fair 2017

Did you participate in the Sports & Culture Club Fair 2017 in Nordkraft?

The sports- and culture clubs, who went to the fair, was well received by the many participants. It was an exciting event with high diversity that resulted in a positive image of the wide selection of activities that you as a student can become a part of.   

Even if you weren’t present at the Sports- and Culture Club fair, it is still possible for you to contact the different clubs by following the link below:

Sports and activities  

At the Sports- and Culture Club Fair, a lot of the participating clubs expressed that they in the time to come will create links to their home pages in English.

Use this possibility to get in touch with the sports or culture club that you are interested in – they are waiting for you!

DGI Nordjylland, SIFA, UCN, AAU and Aalborg Municipality (including StudyAalborg and International House) will like to thank you all for your participation in the fair. The sports- and culture clubs are looking forward to hear from you in the time to come.

Read more about the Sports- and Culture Club Fair at:

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