Sports- and Culture Fair 2016

Hundreds of international students came out to meet with the representatives from the associational life of Aalborg, when the sports- and culture fair was held last week at “kedehallen” in Nordkraft.

The participants at the sports- and culture fair came to Nordkraft despite the good weather, to learn more about the sport and leisure activities available to them, while studying in Aalborg City.  Study Aalborg was also present to meet the new students, and answer their study related questions. There was a good and vibrant atmosphere, and the participants of the fair got to see stands filled with exiting props and activities, ranging from fencing to badminton.

The Sports- and Culture Fair Is a yearly recurring event meant to increase the knowledge of the city’s sports and culture institutions. The associational life in Aalborg use the fair as a platform to get in touch with new members and hopefully convince some people to join. At the same time there is a strong wish from the students to know more about all the exiting activities there are to indulge in after school.

The educational city of Aalborg offers its students an exiting and activity filled life outside of their studies during their stay. An increased knowledge of the many great activities available for the students is a great way to be introduced to the city.  The Sports- and Culture Fair is arranged, as part of the municipality yearly plan for the educational city of Aalborg, and is one of several events to be held throughout the year.

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