Study Aalborg went on a Culture Crawl

Do you think Study Aalborg is only a website? Think Again! We recently held our cultural event for international students studying in Aalborg and the turnout was great.

The City of Aalborg loves international students. We at Study Aalborg want to include Danish as well as international students to participate as active members in the citys cultural life.

An example of the Municipalitys attempt to facilitate such inclusion, is the initiative of studyaalborg, which purpose is to make you, the students of the city, aware of the many diffent activities the city has to offer and, in addition to this, provide general information that can be seen as useful for students.

Besides existing as a home page,, is one of the prime drivers in relation to a number of activities in Aalborg throughout the year.

An example of this is the recently held ”Cultural Crawl” that took place the 15th of March. The concept of Culture Crawl can be descriped as a pub crawl, but with different kinds of cultural attractions instead of pubs (please note the catchy wordplay!). As such, the event was a guided tour around Aalborg.

The main purpose was to introduce the Danish as well as the international students to the many diffent cultural elements. In this regard, the destinations were formed by Biffen (a small, and kind of alternative, movie theater), Kunsthal Nord (Art Hall North), Musikkens Hus (House of the Music), International House and finally the Students House.

There was a cheerful atmosphere as well as a great deal of interest in the different attractions among the participants, which led to a succesful event.

Click on the following link to enter and receive further information about the citys different cultural offers as well as services and general information.

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