Biffen goes international

You can now enjoy international movies at the cinema

Biffens lokaler


Biffen has now presented a new concept for North Jutland's international citizens. On the first Friday of each month and on selected days, international films with English speech and subtitles will be shown. Primarily, artistic films are shown that, in a classic sense appeal to a narrower audience. Biffen has chosen to launch the concept as a result of increased request from, among other things, foreign students in the city and they help Biffen to pick out which films are shown on the canvas, but all the films target the international audience. In addition, Danish films will be shown with English subtitles, so that the international audience has the opportunity to become familiar with Danish film culture. 


Biffen is a cozy cinema where you can settle down into soft a couch while enjoying a snack or drink. The cinema has since 1989 specialized in small film beads - especially European films. It is part of a diverse culture house located in the cultural center Nordkraft, where art, music, fitness, theater and cafes are gathered under the same roof. Biffen also has a cafe where you can get by.


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