The world is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, but what does that mean for Aalborg?

As part of a mitigation strategy, the Government of Denmark has shut down parts of Denmark for a period. The educational institutions are closed for access, some of the public employees have been sent home, while several sectors in the private sector have been temporarily closed. It is also not allowed to gather more than 10 people. We would like to encourage you to help stop the chain of infection. 


Covid-19 and the government's policy guidelines mean that the information about services and activities that we refer to here from StudyAalborg will be affected by the situation. We do not yet know how long the situation will last, or what strategy the country will use to re-open. We can therefore announce that libraries, various counseling services and Aalborg Municipality's activities will be closed down periodically for physical access. Sports associations and gyms are also not allowed to stay open. Fortunately, institutions and organizations are trying to offer their services in electronic form, so click on their websites and see how the specific site can help you remotely. In the coming period, we would encourage you to cross-check the information that we have published in our articles with institutions, organizations and the associations' own information channels, as their circumstances may change from day to day.


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