Housing Guarantee

This fall, the new students will not have to rush through the housing market without success. In Aalborg we offer a housing guarantee for new students.

You can now sign up for the housing guarantee list

If you move to aalborg and start studying in the fall semester you will be able to sign up for the housing guarantee list and get ahead in the housing queue. Here you will be offered a college or youth residence with occupancy from August 1st to December 15th. You will therefore be guaranteed a residence by December 15, 2020. That doesn't mean you have to stay on the street or sleep on your friends' couches until December 15th. The Municipality of Aalborg has an arrangement called “Startup Housing”, which you can use - until you are offered accommodation through the Housing Guarantee. (But you must sign up on that list as well).


The guarantees should ensure that you can focus on getting started with your study without too much posture. Instead, you should spend your time learning Danish or meet other Danes and international students in your new city.

The housing guarantee and the startup housing are given under certain conditions, so be sure to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the rules before embarking on the project. You can sign up for a housing guarantee and make sure that you are well informed before you sign up in the list at www.aku-aalborg.dk/eng.

Students at the habour

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