The students' opinion

What matters to the students and where do they seek community, housing, urban life and green spaces?

A group of sociology students have through group interviews investigated how the students are connected to Aalborg as a study city:


The students are connected to Aalborg through their use of cultural activities and facilities, but also through social networks. Many students mention their use of the city's green areas such as the several parks, the waterfront, Østre anlæg and Vestre Fjordpark. Friendships at educational institutions are highlighted together with friendships, especially with neighbors in study and youth housing, as important attachment relationships. Fortunately, Aalborg is a city where all students have easy access to housing, which is granted through, among others, AKU-Aalborg."


This is how the group of three sociology students from Aalborg University writes. They paint a picture of Aalborg being a study city that meet the needs of the students to move around in diverse green areas, creates the framework for building close friendships and offering a safe home. However, the sociology students have a few good tips on how to make better use of the city's space and where you can go:


 “Take a trip to Vestre Fjordpark and enjoy the Danish summer weather, or in Nordkraft which offers a wealth of experiences such as fitness, theater, cinema and restaurants. If you are more interested in team sports, you can see a list of different sports and sports associations on Study-Aalborg's website, which you can become a member of.


To that list can be added that there are cheap (often free) events and activities in Studenterhuset (The student house) as a creative platform where you can be part of a diverse social community. You can also visit De frivilliges hus (The House of Volunteers) and join a volunteer community where you can make a difference.


Østre Anlæg


Try out project collaborations, internships and study jobs

The sociology students have another message:


Our project collaboration has given us new insight into how academic work can be used in practice. It has been a balancing act to reconcile the expectations of Aalborg Municipality on the one hand and Aalborg University on the other, but it has resulted in a good and educational process. If other students are considering a similar project collaboration, the advice from here is: Just do it!”


By working with professional people, you can soak up the experience it gives you to collaborate with the business community. It gives stars on the CV, connection to the business world and it is super educational for you as a human being. StudyAalborg will therefore use this opportunity to draw attention to the possibility of a project collaboration with both private and public actors during your education. It provides a completely unique insight into the business life.


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