Student Counselling Service

Do you need help managing student life?

Are you already starting to get sweaty palms at the thought of the upcoming exams? Do you suffer from perfectionism, or do you think studying life is stressful? As a student, juggling professional productivity, social relationships and an inner emotional life is not always easy. Fortunately, you can get help for free with student counseling at studenterrådgivningen.

Studenterrådgivningen is a nationwide state focusing on student well-being. Here, as a student in an SU-approved higher education, you can get help to clarify practical questions about maternity, SU or illness, and work with mental health challenges such as symptoms of stress and anxiety, extreme perfectionism, worries, difficulty concentrating, family problems or experiencing loneliness. You can get help from the student counseling service, which offers individual conversations, online therapy courses and telephone counseling.

You can book an appointment for an individual interview with one of the house's counselors, or you can start in online therapy where the conversation is held over skype. Call 70 26 75 00 in the opening hours Monday-Friday: 9-12.


If you would like more general advice on how to handle pressured situations, you can download the student counseling app "Exam Stress". Here you can get good advice, small exercises and help to calm down.



 Student counselling service

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