Aalborg Running Routes

Aalborg is surrounded by stunning nature, which offers multiply opportunities for a run in the green areas. Underneath we offer a list with great routes in and around the city.

Lundby krat

Lundby brushwood and Lundby hills is a protected area located just 10 kilometers southeast of Aalborg city center. There are good bus connections from the bus terminal to the 'main entrance' to the area at Hadsundvej

See the map of Hadsund road.


Routes near centrum

If you stay in the center, a run along the harbor is recommended. Whether you are staying on the Nørresundby or Aalborg side, we recommend that you to run west. Then you pass by old shots, beautiful scenery and a look at Egholm.


The route of light in Skovdalen

A 2,5 km. route by the forest valley is illuminated so it is now possible to run in the woods in the evening. The route starts at Skovdalen Athletics Stadium. See the route at www.loeberute.dk.


Østerådalen North

Only 3 km. from the center of Aalborg you will find the Østerådalen North - a large area that extends from Indkildevej to Over Kæret, and appears as a green wedge from the open land towards Aalborg center. The Østerådalen is thus an important part of Aalborg Municipality's green structure.


Østerådalen South

Østerådalen South extends from Indkildevej south on to Bonderup Bridge between Svenstrup and Ellidshøj.

In the southern part of Østerådalen a number of smaller nature areas have been re-established since 1995 in cooperation between the county and the municipality. Examples include re-linking of Østerå, source restoration and establishment of shallow bird lakes. In addition, a new road connection was established in 2006, which makes it possible to cycle and walk from Svenstrup to Aalborg center.


Aalborg East – The green strip

In Aalborg East there is an extensive path-system and parts of the system is marked with a green stripe. In addition to be an extremely popular running route, 'The Green Strip' is also suitable and allowed for roller skating.


Kiss the frog

You can also choose the shorter distance – kiss the frog, which is a 2,3 km. route in a hilly terrain. Kiss the frog is located on the green strip route.


The old golf course

The Old Golf Course also called the Golfpark is one of the more natural parks which is close to Aalborg's city center. The terrain is hilly and looks more like a meadow than a traditional park with its varied vegetation. The golf course itself is 6 holes and allows anyone who wants to practice for free.


Urania Observatory

At the highest point of the Golfpark is the Urania Observatory, Borgmester Jørgensensvej 13. The Urania Observatory is a public observatory for the city and the region, where anyone with an interest in astronomy and space can access. Click at www.visitaalborg.dk for more information about the observatory and check out when it is open for visits.


The planet paths

In the immediate vicinity of the observatory, the Planet Path is constructed. The planetary path is in front of the Urania Observatory, with access from Borgmester Jørgensensvej. It extends south in the direction of Th. Sauers Vej, from which there is also access (the path opposite Scoresbysundvej). There are stations for the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth (with the Moon), Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. A total distance of 0.7 km each way. Each station is a pillar of granite bearing a recessed plate of graphics and short text.


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