Streetsoccer & social dining

Streetsoccer &Social Dining are open streetoccer trainings in GAME Streetmekka Aalborg, which ends with communal dining in our lounge area. For those who have participated in the training, it will be free to eat with afterwards.

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The street sports house has a place in an old industrial building Kridtsløjfen and has been ready since opening in 2018.
GAME Streetmekka Aalborg is inspired by GAME's other two Street meccas in Copenhagen and Esbjerg. The street meccas are there for those who love street football, street basketball, street dance, street art and everything about street culture!



GAME Streetmekka

Kridtsløjfen 10, 9000 Aalborg



Thurs 4/11 kl. 17.45-20.00

Thurs 11/11 kl. 17.45-20.00

Thurs 18/11 kl. 17.45-20.00

Thurs 25/11 kl. 17.45-20.00

Thurs 2/12 kl. 17.45-20.00

Thurs 9/12 kl. 17.45-20.00



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