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Culture Crawl 15.03.17

Boblberg.dk – meet new friends through exciting activities

Are you looking for somebody to share your hobbies with? Whether you are a sportsenthusiast, like to go for a long walk or just enjoy chatting with other people over a cop of coffee, there’s now a website suited for you: Welcome to boblberg.dk! Læs mere >

Study Aalborg went on a Culture Crawl

Do you think Study Aalborg is only a website? Think Again! We recently held our cultural event for international students studying in Aalborg and the turnout was great. Læs mere >

Sports- and Culture Convention 2016

Hundreds of international students came out to meet with the representatives from the associational life of Aalborg, when the sports- and culture fair was held last week at “kedehallen in Nordkraft. Læs mere >